Pleasant Hill Education Foundation

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Grant Awards

2020-2021 Innovative Teacher Grant Recipients

This year looked a little different, but we granted just over $21,000 to the Pleasant Hill School District through Innovative Teacher Grants, Community Center Maintenance Fund and the Virginia Warren Music Fund!

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors, sponsors and community who help teacher visions come to life!

Grant NameAmount Funded

Remote Learning Technology$442
Remote Learning Technology$4425
National Honor Society Dues$38510-12
4th Grade Virtual Science$416.334
High Quality Instructional Videos$5208-12
MS Video Production Equipment$1,1556-8
EA SPED Computers$2,398K-5
4th grade Virtual Science$2224
MS Grid Boards$2,0796-8
Wiggle Chairs$1,1002
Blast off for Science - 5th Grade Rockets$532.905
MS/HS Physical Education Equipment$5756-12
Publications - Camera$5009-12
Earth Club $650K-5
Virginia Warren - Music Grants$9,777.84K-12
Total Innovative & Virginia Warren Grants$21,315.07