Pleasant Hill Education Foundation

Stand for Excellence

Grant Awards

2017-2018 Innovative Educator Grant Recipients

Grant NameGrades Served Grant Description Grant Amount
Changing the World One Billie at a TimeK-5 Grant funds will be used to purchase supplies to add the Billie spirit motto of "Changing the World One Billie at a Time" to the large wall space in the library. The wall will increase comradery and serve as a motivational reminder that everyone can make a difference. $440
Honoring Billie TalentK-5 Grant funds will be used to purchase a portable stage and LED follow spotlights for use for a variety of classroom concerts and programs, talents shows, after school music performances, and much more! $6,756
Full Steam Ahead! Family EngagementK-5 Grant funds will be used to purchase supplies needed to expand family engagement activities proven to increase attendance. Research has shown family engagement has a positive impact on school attendance. Schools that have implemented specific family and community activities promoting family and community engagement were able to influence student attendance. $1,350
Kindergarten Field Trip/Program T-shirtsK T-shirts will be purchased for all kindergarten students to wear at all kindergarten events, increasing Billie pride. Students will also be required to wear the t-shirts on field trips increasing safety by allowing staff and volunteers to easily identify students. $910
Alternative Seating in the Classroom1Grant funds will be used to purchase alternative seating for the 1st grade classrooms, helping students to increase their attention span and to support students with disabilities and emotional needs.$1,860
Pleasant Hill History: Second Grade Elijah Bristow Performance2 Grant funds will be used to purchase costumes and props for the end of year performance, which is based on concepts learned through a study of Pleasant Hill history. $1,644
Get Your Teach On! Continuing Education3 & 5 Grant funds will be used to offset the cost of 3rd and 5th faculty members to attend the national Get Your Teach On! Conference. Attendees will obtain strategies and skills to engage learners, increase student attendance, and classroom participation. $2,550
Ashland Shakespeare Festival - Othello6-8 Grant funds will be used toward transportation costs for the trip to Ashland and to offset the increase the cost of the student tickets. $625
Digital Writing6-8 Grant funds will be used to purchase a 12-month license for a writing instructional program. The program will be used to supplement writing curriculum in hopes it will help produce stronger, more confident writers. $800
Oregon Coast Field Trip for Middle School Reward6-8 Grant funds will be used to purchase bus transportation and equipment rental for the middle school reward trip to the coast. The trip celebrates academic and behavior achievements for the school year. $1,850
Billie Café7 SpEd Grant funds will be used to create a lunchtime catering project. The purpose of the project is for Learning Center students to get an opportunity to gain working experience in the food industry. $500
Metal Shop Equipment6-12 Grant funds will be used to purchase welding jackets and helmets, and gloves as well as new equipment. Updated safety supplies and metal shop equipment provide an environment for effective and successful student achievement. $5,300
Courtyard Science: Courtyard Improvement and Agriculture Promotion Project6-12 The Pleasant Hill Agricultural Science Program and FFA Chapter will be re-designing a permanent planter area in the PHHS courtyard. Grant funds will be used to purchase supplies needed to complete the project. The project incorporates landscape design, soils analysis, plant identification/selection, plant support systems, skills in welding, ag construction, and wildlife habitat restoration. The program strives to promote the importance of agriculture at our school targeting both middle and high school student populations. $2,680
Vocal Music Outfits6-12 Grants funds will be used for the purchase of vocal music performance outfits, helping to eliminate the financial burden and allowing students to focus on performance goals. $1,000
High School Weight Room Retrofit6-12 Grant funds were used to cover some of the costs of a long overdue retrofit of the weight room and new equipment. $5,000
Band Instrument Repair5-12 Grants funds used to cover needed instrument repair costs. $1,500
High Achieving Student Rewards9-12

The high achieving student rewards have been in place for 8 years now to reward students who achieve a GPA of 3.5 or higher at the end of each quarter of the school year. Rewards include pizza, Dairy Queen, Billie spirit wear and more.

Robotics Club9-12

Grant funds will be used to pay for entrance fees for the First Oregon competition.

Preschool Outdoor SuppliesPre-K

Grant funds will be used to purchase ride-on toys, such as tricycles to use during their outside play time.

Snow Club4-12

Grant funds will be used to cover costs for 5-10 students that would otherwise be unable to attend.