Pleasant Hill Education Foundation

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Grant Awards

2018-2019 Innovative Educator Grant Recipients

This year, we granted nearly $53,000.00 to the Pleasant Hill School District through Innovative Teacher Grants, Community Center Maintenance Fund and the Virginia Warren Music Fund!

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors, sponsors and community!

Grant Name Grades Served Grant Description Grant Amount

Lion King Experience

4 Grant funds will provide transportation and a percentage of ticket costs to give 4th grade students the expereince of seeing a Broadway production. $2,200.00

Math is FUNctional

2-5 This program will help students school-wide to build fact fluency, develop greater confidence and automaticity in addition, subtraction, multiplication an division facts. $3,295.00

Rigorous Classroom Transformations

5th Room transformations to create expereiences for students that will help them retain information in ways that are creative, innovative and memorable. $1,000.00

Safe Ears: Kid-Friendly Headsets

2nd Sturdy child friendly headphones will be purchased to be used with District provided laptop and Ipads. Headphones will allow children to focus on math and reading programs withouth distraction. $630.00

Full Steam Ahead 2

k-5 Grant funds will be used to purchase supplies needed to expand family engagement activities proven to increase attendance. Research has shown family engagement has a positive impact on school attendance. Schools that have implemented specific family and community activities promoting family and community engagement were able to influence student attendance. $1,300.00

Quality Sound for PHES

K-5 Grant funds will be used to purchase a quality sound system to enhance the quality of performances. $2,014.00

Flexible Seating (Special Ed)

K-5 Grant funds will be used to purchase alternative seating for the Special Education classrooms, helping students to increase their attention span and to support students with disabilities and emotional needs. $1,552.00

Field Trip/Program Shirts

K T-shirts will be purchased for all kindergarten students to wear at all kindergarten events, increasing Billie pride. Students will also be required to wear the t-shirts on field trips increasing safety by allowing staff and volunteers to easily identify students. $560.00

Shakespeare - As You Like It

6-8 Grant funds will be used toward transportation costs for the trip to Ashland and to offset the increase cost of the student tickets. $725.00

Stitched in Love + Books

3Supports vulnerable learners and builds a love for reading with 3rd grade Title 1 students. $600.00

Ready Set Run (PHES running club)

3-5 Running club is available to children across the year. Funds will enhance the after school program and support goal setting, progress tracking and team unity. $700.00

Everyone Has a Voice

2 To aid in the cognitive development of children through auditory processing, Qball devices will be purchased to promote student engagment and aid in classroom management. $660.00

Metal Shop Safety & Acquisition

7-12 Replacement and purchase of safety equipment. $1,800.00
Billie Café 7 Special ED Grant funds will be used to create a lunchtime catering project.  The purpose of the project is for Learning Center students to get an opportunity to gain working experience in the food industry. $500.00

Campus Beautification (Metal + Art)

7-12 Funding will replace chain link fencing with student fabricated decorative metal panels to beautify the campus. $1,200.00

High-Achieving Student Rewards

9-12 The high achieving student rewards have been in place for 8 years now to reward students who achieve a GPA of 3.5 or higher at the end of each quarter of the school year. Rewards include pizza, Dairy Queen, Billie spirit wear and more. $750.00

Oregon Coast Field Trip

6-8 Grant funds will be used to purchase bus transportation and equipment rental for the middle school reward trip to the coast. The trip celebrates academic and behavior achievements for the school year. $1,945.00

Making Grammar Fun

6-8 Grant funds will purchase technology to help students engage in correcting conventions and revisiting mistates through real time corrections. $610.00

Drones in Education (Comp Sci, Ag, CTE)

6-12 Drones in Education will teach students to pilot drones & learn about FAA regulations to prepare to become certified 107 pilots. $2,194.00

PH Tech Video Game Club

6-12 Creation of a progressive & inclusive after school Video Game club. Focus will be on building relationships with peers and teachers. $1,000.00

Get The Word Out (Journalism, Photog, History)

7-12 Funding will put the Billie Bulleitn online and begin the process of painting inspirational quotes on High School walls. $1,000.00

1st Aid Instruction

9-12 Grant will purchase equipment to help train students and staff in adult and pediatric First Aid, CPR & AED training. $1,258.00

Reach for Reusables (Waste Reduction)

6-12 Funding will assist with a campaign to reduce pastic waste in our school lunch service by replacing single-use pastic utensils with stainless steel cutlery. $410.00

Peru Trip

9-12 Scholarship assistance to a low-income student to participate in Peru trip. Funded through Janet Lovelace Fund. $1,000.00

Robotics Team practice field

9-11 Grant funds will be used to purachase the Frist Tech Challenge Robotic Kit. $400.00

FFA Leadership

K-5 Funds will be used to attend the FFA State Convention and create opportunities for 8-12 to join the chapter and participate in Career Development Events. $1,500.00

FFA Compost / HS Garden Beds / Tours

5-12 Grant funding will assist with a compost facility, garden beds, and field trips to support and reinforce real life examples of Oregon Agriculture. $2,300.00

iPad Cases

1-2 The grant will purchase protiective cases for District purchased Ipads. $450.00

Community Center

New Tables in the Community Center


Virginia Warren Music Fund

K-12 Instruments, equipment, supplies $17,744.00

Total Funds