Pleasant Hill Education Foundation

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Grant Awards

2019-2020 Innovative Teacher Grant Recipients

This year, we granted nearly $49,000.00 to the Pleasant Hill School District through Innovative Teacher Grants, Community Center Maintenance Fund and the Virginia Warren Music Fund!

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors, sponsors and community!

Grant Name Population Funded Amount
Students have a ball learning Fun exercise program that encourages cooperation, promotes self-challenge, and fosters positive self- esteem that impacts academic growth and increases attention span 3 $881.00
Inspiring Higher Ed Grant funds will allow upper elementary students to get a glimpse of higher education.  Students will take a tour of a State University campus, attend a OSU women's basketball game and get an insiders look at what higher education looks like. 4-5 $685.00
Cooking up Fun Funds will purchase cooking equipment to allow first graders to practice age appropriate cooking skills. 1 $195.00
Classroom Scrapbook Scrapbook project to inspire students to write & get excited about writing. 1-2 $338.00
Let's get into Literacy Grant funds will be used to provide reading tool kits, professional development and in classroom support for 4th/5th grade teachers to improve reading fluency and literacy. 4-5 $7,274.00
Escaping the Traditional Classroom Immersive learning platform involving a collection of items that can be used to play escape room type learning games.The project makes learning more engaging, while building social & emotional skills. 5 $800.00
Kindergarten Alive Studios Curriculum kits that give kids a hands on exciting learning approach to math & literacy. K $1,495.00
Bags of Love Supports vulnerable learners and builds a love for reading with 3rd grade Title 1 students.Funds assist a community service project that provides needed coats & supplies to children all the while encouraging reading. 3 $700.00
Midsummers' Night Dream Grant funds will be used toward transportation costs for the trip to Ashland and to offset the increase cost of the student tickets. 6-8 $675.00
Metal Shop Safety Equipment Provides funding to purchase a new box and pan brake in addition to safety equipment. 7-12 $2,250.00
Billie Café Grant funds will be used to create a lunchtime catering project. The purpose of the project is for Learning Center students to get an opportunity to gain working experience in the food industry. 6-8 $1,000.00
National Honor Society Funds will cover the annual membership in the National Honor Society. 11-12 $500.00
Positive Behavior Support - M S Grant to purchase bus transportation and equipment rental for the middle school reward trip to the coast. The trip celebrates academic and behavior achievements for the school year. 6-8 $1,850.00
Yoga for Everyone Grant will provide the Yoga club with purchasing new yoga bolsters and blocks. 6-12 $300.00
High Achieving Student Rewards The high achieving student rewards have been in place for 9 years now to reward students who achieve a GPA of 3.5 or higher at the end of each quarter of the school year. 9-12 $750.00
Horticulture redesign, field trips, CTE Grant funding will assist with designing, planting and maintaining the landscape area by the HS Library, and field trips to support and reinforce real life examples of Oregon Agriculture. 9-12 $2,900.00
FFA Leadership Funds will be used to attend the FFA State Convention and create opportunities for 8-12 to join the chapter and participate in Career Development Events. 9-12 $3,000.00
FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Comp Grant funds will be used to purchase the First Tech Challenge Robotic Kit. 10-12 $505.00
Record of the Times Purchase of camera, microphone and other equipment to conduct interviews for District Publications 6-12 $858.00
Construction / Installation of Clay Traps Construction & installation of clay traps for the art program. 9-12 $630.00
Microscope improvement project Grant funds will be used to purchase new microscopes for the High School Science Department. 9-12 $8,644.00
Homework Club Transportation cost for the Elementary School to pilot an after school homework club for children who need additional assistance. K-5 $1,498.88
Virginia Warrant Music Grants Musical equipment, lessons and supplies to enhance the music department. K-3 $11,106.49