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Scholarships will are now OPEN!  

We are thrilled to announce a new format for the 2020 Scholarships!  Thank you to Lindsey Steigleder, Cheryl Ruiz & the Board for their time & input!  Applications are due by May 15th, 2020.  Please email the application , essay,  and letter of recommendation to  You can get a copy of the OSAC Activity Chart at We hope to announce winners at the Senior Award Banquet.  If not possible, we will notify winners by email.

Scholarships are funded entirely by the families, individuals or organizations that have endowed them and/or those that designate their gifts to these funds.

The current list of Pleasant Hill Education Foundation scholarships:

If you would like to endow a scholarship please contact us at 541-736-0759.

A huge thank you to our 2019 Review Committee:  Deserae Anderson, Sarah Krauss, Christine Luehring, Heather Rodrigues, Marissa Smith, Lindsey Steigleger, Paisley Ward, Susanna Williams, Title Selection Committee.