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Luehring Enrichment & Advancement Fund

The Pleasant Hill Education Foundation is extremely honored and excited to announce the founding of the Christine Luehring Endowment Fund. Chris Luehring taught English at PHHS from 1974 to 2002 and is known for being a stickler for correct spelling and grammar. She taught journalism and advised the Billie Bulletin for seven years, and served as cheerleading coach for 17 years. She is also known as a stalwart supporter of veterans. Beyond and above all that, though, Chris is known for her utter devotion to her students, the school, and her community.

After she retired, she returned to tutor students, and was active in the Pleasant Hill Education Foundation’s Innovative Educator Grant Review Committee and the Senior Scholarship Review Committee. So what does she do as a testimonial to her fierce loyalty to the Pleasant Hill School District?

Ms. Luehring has donated $250,000 from her retirement investments to the Pleasant Hill Education Foundation. She is excited to see her gift being put into action and to have immediate significance for the students in the Pleasant Hill School District.

This astounding act of generosity will be used as an endowment to provide for student academics, field trips, projects and teacher training. The majority of Ms. Luehring’s adult life has been dedicated to serving the Billies of Pleasant Hill, and with this gift she will continue to have an impact for many years to come. The Pleasant Hill Education Foundation is eternally grateful.

The LEAF grant will be open year round or until funds are used. 

Grants available up to $1000. 

Funding Areas:

Primary focus is on individual student education/experience.

Classes/programming at LCC for High School students.

Individual student educational based summer camps


Limited teacher CE (registration fees only)


No athletic programs

No capital projects, school equipment

No uniforms or clothing


Open to any Pleasant Hill student or staff member.

May apply to home-school students within the Pleasant Hill School District

Must be recommended by a teacher, administrator or counselor

Applications for this grant are officially open. You can access the grant application here LEAF Grant Application or there are hard copies at the Pleasant Hill District Office, Pleasant Hill High School & Pleasant Hill Elementary School.